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The emojidex app comes with all the high quality emoji on emojidex, an emoji character/code entry keyboard that works with every app, a simple to use text editor and converter, emoji search, history and favorites and a variety of tools and features that enable you to use emojidex emoji in just about any app.

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Enhanced Text Editor

The enhanced text editor allows you to edit and view text with emoji mixed in. You can share what you've written in the text editor as raw text. To convert chat messages or other raw text with emoji codes into emojified text simply share that text (usually by long-pressing the message and choosing "share") with emojidex or copy it and paste it directly into the editor.

emoji Seals [stickers/stamps]

Why buy small collections of stamps/stickers when you can use ANY emojidex emoji as a seal for free?
You can send any emoji as a large, high quality image to any messaging, mail or SNS apps simply by long-pressing the emoji on the keyboard and hitting "send"! The emojidex keyboard will do its best to get the context of the app you're using and share the large "seal" version of the image to the app.

Quickly and easily send Seals with emojidex Seal Kit!

The emojdex Seal Kit app comes bundled with the emojidex app - just tap the "emojidex Seal Kit" icon.
After opening the app select or search for the emoji you wish to send as a seal and tap it to open up the sharing dialogue.

Android app : emojidex-Twidere

emojidex-Twidere - Google Play

emojidex-Twidere is a modified version of the popular Open Source Twitter client Twidere that has been completely integrated with emojdex.
Tweet freely with emojidex emoji in your tweets and in your feed.

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Enable emojidex emoji in your Twitter feed

All emoji codes in your tweets and the tweets on your feed will be automatically converted to emojidex emoji images.

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