Using emojidex


emojidex is the world's first "emoji as a service" platform.

Along with standard UTF emoji, emojidex offers extended emoji and the ability for anyone to add their own emoji. All emoji on emojidex can be used on any web site or in any app that include the emojidex libraries.

Check here for details

Extension and App

Using the emojidex apps and extensions you can use emojidex on any page or with any app!

Chrome Extension

About the Web service

How do I register and use an emoji?


Question Monkey
emojidex beginner
Looking for ways to enhance his on-line communication. Appreciates meme magic and wants to incorporate dank emoji into his toolkit.

Professor Answers
emojidex professional
Practically omnipotent in regards to emoji and emojidex. Veteran of the Great Meme War.

STEP 1: User Registration
So, you can register emoji that anyone can use on this service, right? How do I start?
Have you registered an account yet?
You'll need to register an account and log in before you can register an emoji.
I haven't registered yet.
How do I register an account?
Click the "Sign In" button on the top right...
...Then click the "Sign Up" button on the next screen and you'll be taken to the registration screen.
Just fill in the form and click the big "Sign Up" button and you'll have an account!
(one minute of typing and clicking) OK! User registration complete.
Now to register a whole bunch of emoji.
STEP 2: Registering an emoji
I've got an image that will make a stellar emoji, how do I register it?
Make sure you're logged in, then click the "+New emoji" button.
・Code (the "name" of the emoji and how it will appear as a :short code:)
・Category (pick what you think fits that emoji best)
・Image (a square image that will replace the :code: during emojification)
・Tags (descriptive tags to make the emoji easier to find)
・Attribution (if you aren't the author or owner of the image fill this in!)
・R-18 (check this if your emoji contains adult or vulgar content)
Fill in at least the required fields and hit "Register"!
Wait! There are two points of caution!
First off:
If the image you register for your emoji isn't a square it may be resized.
Be sure to check the preview to make sure your emoji look good in a line of text and as seals.
And remember, on a free account you have 1 hour to change the image as many times as you need.
(*Premium and Pro accounts can always change their emoji images)
By addeing parenthesis "()" to an emoji code you can create a "variant".
For example, if you register "(strawberry)chocolate" it will become a variant of "chocolate".
This means your strawberry version will be shown in the list of variants for "chocolate",and "chocolate" will be shown in the list of variants for your "(strawberry)chocolate".
Hmm, OK! I think I got it Professor.
STEP 3: Using emoji (with the extension or app)
Well then, now that I've registered an emoji, how do I use it?
For that we haveextensions (Chrome) andapps (Android)
(or if you're a developer you can add emojidex to your site or appseethe developer docs and ourrepositories on GitHub)
Go and check out the details on the app and extension pages for more details.
For example, with the android app you can send emoji as large "seals" in apps that don'tdirectly support emojidex, right from the keyboard by long-pressing an emoji.

How to register as a Premium user

Oh man, I hate these advertisements.
hm? this price list has aPremium User option that gets rid of adds and has a bunch of other enhancements.
Unlimited favorites and history, score bonuses, and more.
Professor Answers, how do I register a Premium account?
That's easy, just check your user settings page by clicking on your name at the top right.
OK... ready!
In the middle of the User settings page is a "Premium Membership" section. Hit the "Go Premium" button.
After that just follow the steps, and register your payment information if you haven't already.
You should see a screen like this. Just choose between a monthly or yearly membership and hit the "Subscribe" button. No more advertisements (and you unlock a bunch of other features).
Look at that! No more ads, I can edit my emoji whenever I want, and I get a bunch of bonuses!
Now to register a bunch of my favorite emoji!

How do I mark my emoji as a copyrighted work?

STEP 1:What is a copyrighted work [when it comes to emoji]?
Question Monkey, do you know what a copyrighted work is?
I've heard the word before... but why would I need to know?
emojidex is the worlds first platform that lets anyone register and use their own emoji anywhere.When emojidex set up their license, they were sure to put in special copyright protection so poeple couldupload their logos, original charcters, products, etc. But by default these emoji can be used in a lot ofplaces, such as on commercial websites or in videos or commercial software or some printed material, wheresome people may not want their emoji being used without a special license. For that emojidex has a special"Copyright Flag" or "Copyright Lock". When you apply this, it marks that emoji as a commercial asset, andif anyone wants to use it in/on/to promote any commercial product or venture they need to get a licensefrom the emoji owner.
So, if you register an emoji and you don't want it being used in someone else's advertisements or as anitem in a game, you need to activate the "Copyright Lock" feature on that emoji.
STEP 2:Registering a Copyright Flag
Well... I don't want anyone using this character from my soon-to-be popular webcomic in a commercial,and if anyone wants to put it on a shirt I want them to pay me royalties.
Professors answers, how do I register aCopyright Flag?
You can purchase a Copyright Flag by opening up the emoji edit page.
Just click on the emoji to go to the details, then click the "Edit" button at the bottom.
You'll find the "Purchase Copyright" button on that page.
(If you don't see the "Edit" button on the bottom of the details page, make sure you are the ownerof that emoji. You can only put a Copyright Lock on emoji that you own.)
If you haven't entered your Copyright information already you'll be asked to enter it.Click the "Submit" button to register your Copyright information. You can always edit this laterfrom your user settings.
If you've registered your Copyright information once, you won't be asked to enter it again.And remember, you can only enter one set of Copyright information per account, so if you havemultiple brands you'll want to register mulitple accounts.
To complete the registration click the "Confirm Purchase" button.
Whoa! Now I have a "Copyright Lock" mark on my emoji!
But what happens if someone *does* use my emoji on a product?
If you find someone using your image just send a message to emojidex and they'll deliversigned and sealed information about the emoji, when you registered it, and when you put thelock on it. This is just what you need to prove that the image is yours and isn't OK to steal.

What else?

What if I have more questions or find a problem with the site?
If you have any questions just send an e-mail message The emojidex team really appreciates feedback, and if you report a problemthey may even send you some stickers or give you some free Premium time on your account asto show their gratitude!

Creating emoji for emojidex

To get the best results when uploading an emoji to emojidex, we recommend the following settings:

FormatIdeal SizeAcceptable SizeSmallest SizeComments
SVG64px * 64pxAnyAny
  • Save with standard SVG 1.1 or above profiles.
  • Be sure to save files without using software specific extensions, such as AI "Appearances"
  • "Frame Animated" SVGs generated by Phantom SVG will be converted to proper animations.
PNG512px * 512px256px * 256px24px * 24px
  • Animated PNG is supported!
  • Transparent backgrounds are recommended.
GIF128px * 128px64px * 64px16px * 16px
  • GIF is never recommended over Animated PNG. Results will always be inferior to Animated PNG.
JPEG512px * 512px320px * 320px64px * 64px
  • While JPEG file sizes are smaller, they offer no advantage over PNG in the context of emoji.
  • JPEG "transparency" will likely not be converted properly.


  • All image dimensions should be square (the width should be equal to the height). Non-squared images will end up slightly stretched.
  • The larger recommended sizes for raster graphics formats such as PNG are for the best results after conversion. All emoji are converted to all sizes, and when an image is up-scaled during a size increase the larger image will be not be as clean as the original.
  • SVG is the ideal format to create an emoji. SVG will produce the best sized outputs and SVGs available from the emojidex service will be of a much smaller size with an SVG base than a raster graphics base.

If you're using Chrome you can enable all the emoji registered on on every site you browse with the emojidex Chrome extension.

Chrome Extension : emojidex

emojidex - Chrome Web Store

This extension connects to the emojidex service and replaces emoji codes on the pages your're viewing with emoji icons. Along with all standard emoji all the emoji registered by you and other users (ALL emoji on are usable!

Install the extension
Enable emojidex emoji on every page!

Main Features

emoji Display

All standard UTF emoji and any emoji code wrapped in : [colons] will be replaced with emoji icons.
emojidex supports ALL Unicode emoji (included those not yet finalized) so all the "□" boxes you're seeing from emoji your browser doesn't display natively will be properly converted into graphical icons.

emoji Auto Complete Entry

Text entry boxes and forms are detected on the page and emojidex auto-complete entry is enabled so you can easily find and input emoji on any web page.
Using auto-complete is simple! Just enter a colon ":" and start typing a term. The emojidex service will be searched for emoji codes containig that term and a list will be displayed. Select the emoji you want to input with the arrow keys and hit enter or click on it / tap it and that emoji code will be entered in the text box.

*Firefox extension coming soon!