emojidex is the world's first "emoji as a service" platform.

Along with standard UTF emoji, emojidex offers extended emoji and the ability for anyone to add their own emoji. All emoji on emojidex can be used on any web site or in any app that include the emojidex libraries. emojidex also provides extensions and native apps to allow the use of emojidex emoji in apps and on web sites that do not natively support it.

As a service, emojidex offers everyone the ability to register new emoji, search for emoji, add emoji to your own personal favorites and keep a shared history of the emoji you've used. The emojidex automatically converts all emoji into multiple sizes for different uses. From small sized regular in-line emoji to large-sized seals to mid-sized images for media content.

The emojidex Misson

emojidex was created for two reasons:

  • To provide a global, liberated emoji platform.
  • To provide a source of income to support socially or scientifically beneficial Open Source software and hardware development and research.

The vast majority of profits from emojidex will go directly to supporting Open Software and Hardware development which attempt to make the future a better place for all of us. We want you to know that when you pay for anyting on emojidex you're not supporting a huge profit-oriented corporation; you're supporting a small team of struggling developers who love science, technology and Open Source and want to use them to make a better future for our children.

Open Source for the Future

Team Phantom, the developers at K.K. GenSouSha., have been constantly interested in and have constantly invested both company and personal funds in Open Source projects. More specifically, we have a great interest in making in or being a part of the development of technology and software that will help further the endeavours of mankind. We've participated in everything from medical research to scientific computing to education. In the process have ended up contributing to a variety of interesting projects. We've also always got some entertaining side project going (emojidex being once such side project).

emojidex Currently Supports:

  • [GAKU Engine](http://www.gakuengine.com) Open Source School Management System. GAKU Engine (translates to "Learning Engine") aims to be the tool to help schools move beyond one-size-fits-all, factory style educations. On top of being the most full-featured and flexible school management system available it has additional features to help integrated external resources, collaborate with other schools and educational services, and give students credit for their extra-curricular achievements and activities.
  • [apngasm](https://github.com/apngasm) Animated PNG Assembler. Animated PNG is an open and free standard for high quality animated raster graphics. We became involved in the apngasm project because we wanted the higest quality animated emoji possible. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the most sophisticated library and tools to handle APNG, and to the effort to see widespread adoption this open sourced graphics format that is uninhibited by patents or copyrights.

Projects We Want to Fund:

If enough income is derived from emojidex these are some of the projects we would like to fund:

  • SVG Animation editor for Inkscape.
  • Better animation parsing for rsvg.
  • Open Source Cybernetics hadware and software.