emojidex Branding

emojidex has the largest collection of high quality emoji in the world. It's the only licensable emoji collection with over 3000 designs [and growing weekly]. emojidex is also the only licensor that will create whatever new you want in high quality vectors - on demand - for free.

Put emoji on your products today

We've put together what is possibly the most flexible and forgiving license in the industry. We want you to put our emoji on EVERYTHING so we're doing our best to make that possible. Download the brand book below and contact us any time to start negotiations. Depending on the circumstances we can have a license issued to you in as little as one day!

We're here to help

Because we want the highest quality possible on any product featuring our emoji, we provide assistance with designs and asset modifications and revisions to our licensees completely free of additional charge. You can even tell us what you want and what format/specifications you need the sources in and we'll handle the rest.

You're protected

emojidex has strived to create a completely original asset collection - true to the original Japanese handset emoji feel but with a modern design. Because of this our copyright on assets is much easier to defend. Along with this each layout, pattern, or multi-part design is tied to the licensee who produces it; so if someone tries to rip you off we'll be able to back you up.

Global representation

Want to sell your products all over the world? We're putting together a comprehensive catalogue of suppliers and their products and building an inventory of samples to show to suppliers and dealers and to present at product and brand fairs. ※ Inclusion in the Product Catalogue is opt-in. You will only be included if you choose to be.

Let's get started

For more technical details, a listing of all the emojidex original emoji, product mockups and pre-made layouts, patterns, and designs, download our Brand Book by clicking on the big Brand Book image here:

Download our Brand Book